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14th September, 2018

Peter Fisher

ECCH offers its warm condolences to Peter Fisher’s family after his tragic death in a bike accident in London on 15th August 2018. The homeopathy community globally mourns for the ...

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17th November, 2017

Keep Antibiotics Working, European Antibiotic Awareness Day

European Antibiotic Awareness Day is on the 18th November 2017. The WHO, UN and other organizations are calling for awareness about the threat to public health of antibiotic resistance and ...

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Future Events

HRI Conference Advances the Science of Homeopathy in Barcelona

In what was considered by participants to be a landmark event, the Homeopathy Research Institute’s first international conference in Barcelona on 31 May – 2 June 2013 proved to be a showcase for highly promising developments in homeopathy research. In the conference rooms of the striking Hotel Porta Fira, 39 presenters from around the world presented the latest findings in fundamental, clinical and epidemiological research together with presentations on veterinary homeopathy, health economics, and research ethics. The audience of some 180 researchers, homeopaths, homeopathic doctors and other interested parties clearly felt the science of homeopathy is moving forward.

Three strong areas of interest permeated the conference. The long missing explanation of the action of homeopathy’s high dilution medicines seems to be on the horizon with the modern field of nano-technology offering a clear possibility of providing that explanation. Evidence of homeopathy’s clinical effectiveness in a variety of conditions continues to emerge as does the very exciting possibility of homeopathy playing a significant role in the prevention and treatment of epidemic and endemic infectious diseases in countries such as Brazil, Cuba and India, .

It was particularly inspiring to see and hear researchers from the two communities of homeopaths and homeopathic doctors sharing and discussing the latest research projects with the common goal of advancing the science of homeopathy. There were many excellent presentations from researchers who have made a career path into academia and research based on their prior education and professional practice as homeopaths. This progression is proof of the continuing evolution of an educated and experienced homeopathy profession worldwide.

Information on the conference proceedings will soon be available from the Homeopathy Research Institute at:

NB: ICH and its sister organisation ECCH are proud to have contributed in a small way to the conference’s success as sponsors.