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14th September, 2018

Peter Fisher

ECCH offers its warm condolences to Peter Fisher’s family after his tragic death in a bike accident in London on 15th August 2018. The homeopathy community globally mourns for the ...

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17th November, 2017

Keep Antibiotics Working, European Antibiotic Awareness Day

European Antibiotic Awareness Day is on the 18th November 2017. The WHO, UN and other organizations are calling for awareness about the threat to public health of antibiotic resistance and ...

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Switzerland sets an example for the rest of Europe in regulating CM practice

On 9 September 2015 the Swiss State Secretariat for training, research and innovation (SEFRI) approved a Higher Professional Exam for complementary therapists in Switzerland who do not already fall under the category of ‘naturopath’ . With about 12000 practitioners practising a range of therapies this new exam creates a new category of practitioner that will be entitled to use the recognised and protected title ‘complementary therapist with federal diploma’ .

Earlier in the year in April 2015 SEFRI approved the higher professional examination for naturopaths. This gives a recognised and protected title throughout Switzerland of ‘naturopathic practitioner with Federal Diploma . The profession of naturopath covers the practice of four disciplines which are discrete systems of medicine: Ayurvedic medicine, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional European Natural Medicine. Homeopaths practising in Switzerland are now required to sit and pass the higher professional examination after which they can use the official title ‘naturopath with national diploma specialised in homeopathy’ .

Through the introduction of these requirements and standards the Swiss government has fulfilled requirements introduced as a result of complementary medicine being written into the Federal Constitution following a referendum in 2009 in which the Swiss people voted for it to happen.

The Swiss Government have acted responsibly in the interests of their citizens, ensuring the quality and safety of care offered by homeopaths and other CM practitioners. While not a member of the EU, Switzerland is bordered by 5 other European countries and has set a clear example for other countries to follow.