European Council of Homeopathy (ECCH)

European Council of Homeopathy (ECCH)

Outside Europe

International Council for Homeopathy Unites Professional Associations of Homeopaths Around the World

In October 2007 the inaugural meeting of the International  Council for Homeopathy took place in Heidelberg, Germany.

The International Council for Homeopathy (ICH) is the international professional platform representing professional homeopaths and the practice of homeopathy around the world. ICH presently consists of 31 professional associations of homeopaths from 28 countries in four continents, and aims eventually to have member associations in all continents. Through networking and dialogue, members of ICH engage in the promotion and evaluation of the status of homeopathy in every part of the world; with emphasis on the development of international guidelines promoting freedom of access to the highest possible standard of homeopathic care. 

The national member association members of ECCH are all members of ICH.

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