European Council of Homeopathy (ECCH)

European Council of Homeopathy (ECCH)

ECCH Recommended Guidelines for Good Provings

Please find attached ECCH's revised document on this subject. Provings of new substances are constantly being carried out in order that they can be used as homeopathic medicinal agents . As such ,they should be carried out in as systematic a fashion as possible in order to provide accurate useful information. These guidelines are offered as an overview of the subject but before undertaking a proving more in-depth study of the methodology should be undertaken through reading the references provided below.

Provings provide the information that forms the basis of the individual symptom pictures of the medicines homeopaths select and use to individually treat patients according to the 'law of similars'.  Information from provings is enriched with additional knowledge from the study of the source substance itself together with the accumulated observations deriving from each medicine's successful clinical use.

ecch guidelines for provings.pdf

Other useful references

"The Dynamics and Methodology of Homoeopathic Provings",
Jeremy Sherr RSHom

Provings Volume I:
How Understanding Provings offers an Essential Foundation to Successful Patient Care With a Proving of Alcoholus
by Paul Herscu, ND
Provings Volume II:
An Annotated Selection of Historic & Contemporary Writings
by Paul Herscu, ND

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