European Council of Homeopathy (ECCH)

European Council of Homeopathy (ECCH)

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CAM Documents

ECCH is an active member of the Brussels-based stakeholder group EUROCAM EUROCAM has produced the following two position papers:

The role of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in reducing the problem of Antimicrobial Resistance


CAM 2020 - The contribution of Complementary and Alternative Medicine to sustainable healthcare in Europe 



The portfolio of documents listed below set out the professional portfolio of the professional homeopath as developed and agreed over a number of years by ECCH Council Members. As such they represent the agreed profile of the homeopath as an emerging modern health profession. 

1. ecch professional portfolio introduction, may 2015.pdf

1.1 ecch european occupational standards, may 2014.pdf

1.2 ecch guidelines for bounds of competence, nov 2008.pdf

2.1 ecch guidelines for code of ethics, nov 2002.pdf

2.2 ecch guidelines for professional conduct procedures, oct 2007.pdf

3.1 ecch & ich guidelines for homeopathy education, may 2011.pdf

3.2 ecch guidelines for accreditation of courses, june 2002.pdf


International Guidelines for Homeopathy Education - June 2011: this new and revised version of the 2000 European Guidelines is now the official curriculum document recommended by ECCH and ICH - the International Council for Homeopathy.
international guidelines for homeopathy education.pdf
Revised Edition 2011 

ecch-ich-leitlinien 2011.pdf
German translation of the 2011 revised edition  the International Guidelines for Homeopathy Education

european guidelines for homeopathic education june 2000 - hebrew.pdf
European Guidelines for Homeopathic Education in Hebrew

european guidelines for homeopathic education june 2000 - farsi.pdf
European Guidelines for Homeopathic Education in Farsi

european guidelines for accreditation of courses of educatio.pdf
European Guidelines for Accreditation of Courses of Homeopathy Education 2002

ecch policy for continuing professional development june 2004.pdf
ECCH Policy for Continuing Professional Development 2004

bachelor & master degrees dec 07.pdf
Bachelor & Masters Degrees in Homeopathy- examples December 2007


European Profile of the Homeopath
First Edition June 2001

recognition and regulation 2007 .pdf
The Recognitio n and Regulation of Homeopathy in Europe June 2007

ecch legal report rev. oct 2011.pdf
The Legal Situation for the Practice of Homeopathy in Europe Revised October 2011

voluntary self regulation 060705.pdf
ECCH Guidelines for the Voluntary Self-Regulation of Homeopaths June 2006

ecch bounds of competence november 2008 1.pdf
ECCH Guidelines for the Bounds of Competence of Homeopaths 2008

ecch guidelines for pcp.pdf
ECCH Guidelines for Professional Conduct Procedures

european guidelines for code of ethics november 2002.pdf
ECCH Guidelines for Codes of Ethics November 2002


positive homeopathy research.pdf
A document summarising a number of reports on research that show positive results

The Safety of Homeopathy 2009.pdf
ECCH document summarising the evidence on the safety of homeopathy

ecch policy in the area of research.pdf
ECCH Policy in the Area of Homeopathy Research July 2007

ecch guidelines for provings.pdf
ECCH Policy doc on Guidelines for Carrying out Homeopathic Provings


ecch pharmacy rep.051109.pdf
An ECCH Report on the Availability and Quality of Homeopathic Medicinal Products in Europe
November 2005

nosodes in homeopathy pra 1.pdf
A document outlining the importance of nosodes to homeopathic practice


reimbursement of expenses.pdf
Results of an ECCH survey into reimbursement of expenses for homeopathic treatment

 ecch annual report 2010 fin.doc
ECCH's Annual Report for 2006-2007

ecch brochure 07 cover.pdf
ecch brochure 07 inside.pdf
A Brochure introducing ECCH

homeopathy for women.pdf
An ECCH brochure introducing homeopathy for women

children's brochure word i 060219.pdf
children's brochure word ii 060219.pdf
Outer and inner contents of an ECCH brochure  on homeopathy for children

ECCH policy for the fight against development of resistant micro-organisms
An ECCH Policy Documen First Edition May 2003

facts about homeopathy & cam.pdf
General Facts About Homeopathy and CAM in Europe

Homeopathy: its Place and Potential in Integrated Healthcare in Europe
First Edition June 2002

hom. treatment of animals.pdf
The Homeopathic Treatment of Animals in Europe November 2007

short historical report of ecch february 2006.pdf
A histrorical report on ECCH from 1990-2006

 revised ecch constitution 2012.pdf
ECCH's Constitution



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